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Am I getting a Generic B12 injection?

Yes. We ship out the B12 injection made by either Sandoz or Cytex, both are high quality generic product of RUBRAMIN®.


Are the prices here in US or Canadian Dollars?

All pricing on are in US Dollars.


What will the credit card charges show up as on my statement?

Charges will show as "JNCT Inc." NOT "".

In certain rare instances, some banks will also charge international transaction fees. Even though this is charged under "DM Inc.", we do not receive this fee. Instead, this fee is actually charged by your bank. If you should choose to dispute it, you will have to contact and discuss the fee with your bank. As we are unaware as to which bank your credit card comes from, there is no way for us to determine if you will be charged this fee or not.


How much is tax?

GST/HST will be calculated as per Canadian tax laws. Orders from outside Canada are not subject to tax.


How do I pay for my order?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

*PLEASE NOTE* We do NOT accept personal checks/cheques, or money orders that are not international. Please make sure you order with a credit card that we accept. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.


How will my order be handled?

The order process is as shown below.

  1. Order online with credit card.
  2. You will receive an automatic email from us confirming your order.
  3. When we ship your order, you will receive another email from Canada Post with a tracking number.
  4. Your order will be delivered to your shipping address.



What is your return policy?

No Refunds. We will not provide any refunds after your order has been shipped.

Email us if you have any questions:
Alternatively you can call us at:
TOLL FREE: 1-888-595-1393 or Local: 604-595-1393


What is your cancellation policy?

At, we pride ourselves in our dedication to customer service. Therefore, unlike other online stores, we do not charge any cancellation fees for cancellations right after an order is placed. However, please note that you can not cancel any order AFTER we have shipped it from our store.


General questions

Why is the price different from the last time I ordered?

Due to market fluctuations, prices of items may change from time to time.