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Normal size needles offers two types of needles; a larger Intramuscular (in the muscle) 25 gauge 1 inch needle for maximum intramuscular benefit and a smaller Deep Subcutaneous (under skin) 29 gauge ½ inch needle.

Adults under 130 lbs may use a 29 gauge ½ inch needle to get Intramuscular benefit.

BD Insulin Syringes with PrecisionGlide™ needles

  • Intramuscular (in the muscle) 25 gauge 1 inch needle
  • 10 sterile needles / latex-free 3ml syringes come in one box
    • Scale Alignment: It's easy to hold a BD syringe with the flanges or wings side to side with the scale markings facing you.
    • Flat-top plunger: Attached to the plunger in a BD syringe is a black rubber stopper that's lined up with the scale markings in order to draw up a dose. The top of a BD rubber stopper is flat so that it's easy to line up with the scale marks.
    • Latex-free
    • Smooth needles
    • Lubricant: BD needles are coated with a low-friction lubricant to create a smoother edge that makes injecting easier and less painful.

Sale Price $9.99


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